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… body piercing at the Maxx tattoo and body piercing studio …

Here at the maxx tattoo and body piercing studio we always try to make sure that our clients are relaxed prior to beginning any procedure.

Maxx is our resident piercer and has years of experience to her trade and is more than happy to have earned the slogan “if you can pinch it I can pierce it! …”.

Natasha is second in command and is always ready to accommodate clients no matter what the request. Having trained under her mother Maxx’s watchful eye she has truly bloomed and is a credit to the maxx studio having added a second string to the studio’s bow.

We undertake to offer a vast and varied selection of piercings for navels to the more adventurous and exotic piercing. We also perform dermal anchors and skin divers which have been well received. Our range of body jewellery is second to none with all stock manufactured here in the UK. We stock implant steel, titanium, azteck gold, blackline, ptfe, bone and acrylic including ear tunnels tubes and stretchers.